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ASA Rx is a global collective of companies including THE WORLD’S leading voice in health media with proven solutions to reach your potential. In addition to the proven personalized nutrition, performance, and longevity system known as The Asa Method, Asa Rx is also home to the LARGEST syndicated HEALTH TALK SHOW In radio, TV, and podcasts on Asa Rx TV reaching over 100 Million homes each week.

Developed by Asa, a 3X PHYSICIAN, Asa was the only physician ranked in the Top 40 Radio Talk Show Hosts by Talkers, is an international best-selling author, and sought after motivational speaker. Asa is also the founder of The Asa Foundation, a non-profit designed to support health and wellness education. In addition to his community service, Asa is an award winning content producer of the reality based docu-series on the epidemic of diabetes.

Asa is ranked as a #1 motivational speaker, international best-selling author, a world leader in health psychology, and host to the #1 health talk radio show globally called Asa Rx.

Asa contributes regularly to many of the major media news outlets including NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX and has appeared on many shows including the Today Show and Good Morning America. Asa is a well-respected health and lifestyle strategist to professional athletes, sports entertainment, celebrities, and business leaders, as well as a #1 motivational speaker internationally sought after for many Fortune 500 Companies with his engaging message of living your potential.

Asa now dedicates his efforts to full-time educational media and producing content on Asa Rx TV (@AsaRxTV) with a daily television show now in 300 markets reaching 70 million homes, 4 million listeners each week with his daily syndicated radio show, and social media approaching 3 million, Asa has created a world leading digital health television network on Asa Rx TV.

Asa has been honored by Talkers Magazine as one of the Top 50 radio talk show hosts in the country, and the only listed doctor in the entire line up of what has been known as a politically dominating industry. In his strong mission to help people create a better life by making better lifestyle choices, Asa was named as Honorary Chair to the American Diabetes Association for his outstanding work in providing support and solutions for one of the largest worldwide pandemic health challenges of our time.

Asa is a strong advocate for education excellence and is a graduate of Florida State University where he was a strength and conditioning coach for the National Championship Seminole football team. After graduating from the nations top ranked University in behavioral psychology and biochemistry, he completed his medical degree (MD) including hospital training with various honors, serves as a Diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (Board-Certified), holds two additional doctorates in complementary health care (ND, DC), and active professional member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.