Endorsed Providers With Clinical Excellence –At the Asa Health Organization we are a health digital media company that has a strong emphasis on teaching evidence-based health care excellence. Much of what you hear Dr Asa Andrew discuss on the various shows are a result of what is relevant in the current medical and science community literature and what he has seen and participated in throughout his years of patient care as a multi-doctoral skilled practitioner.

We have partnered with some of the nations leading clinics in lifestyle medicine to bring you some of the best evidence –based lifestyle care available. TheseHealth Coach Providers will help you work with your primary care physician to walk along side you in locating and determining what you need to function at your best and thrive.

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A Unique Clinical Approach – Throughout the years of being a practitioner, Dr Asa Andrew has developed many multi-disciplinary centers that implemented his researched teaching systems of improving peak health performance. Dr Asa is a elite level strength and conditioning coach and received his degreed doctoral training in multiple areas such as MD, DC, ND, board-certified in clinical nutrition,and still active dc. This clinical approach has a unique combination of evidence-based traditional medicine, lifestyle medicine, clinical nutrition,dc-based neurology, and exercise science that is now a leading way in evidence-based natural wellness care.  Dr Asa Andrew  , working alongside some of the leading physicians and health specialists, has developed a thriving system of health care delivery to get to the root cause of many health challenges that are typically a result of our behavior and lifestyle choices. Dr Asa and his colleagues were innovators almost 20 years ago and continues to keep up with the latest science and medical research for  empowering your health through health-related media

Who We Are & Who We Aren’t – Many people tend to reach out to us for the toughest health challenges, even for situations like end stage disease, chelation therapy, and far reaching alternative methods to treat disease. However, that has never been our niche or our focus. That is NOT what we do. Dr Asa Andrew, his clinical approach, his teaching principles, and endorsed providers, are all evidence-based. At our company, we emphasize the importance of having key specialists involved with any care plan. Our focus is on lifestyle –based wellness methods to help your well-being. Eating better, determining nutritional weaknesses, exercising better, improving the function of the body, and developing better behavior patterns are our strengths.

We focus on what we believe to be the key to longevity and quality of life - your Health Psychology.

These are the qualities that we look for in our partnerships with endorsing local providers and clinics in your area. That way your primary care physician can have a great teammate for lifestyle, and trust the team they are working with.

You have to have a great team to win.

Teaching is Our Focus – Dr Asa has always had the heart of a teacher with the focus on empowering you to live an extraordinary life. Throughout his years of clinical experience, Dr Asa Andrew realized that human behavior is ultimately what drives our health. If we can make better lifestyle choices, then we can ultimately have better outcomes with our health and live to our potential.

So in 2006 with the help of his friend and radio icon Dave Ramsey, he started a local weekend radio show to teach and encourage others with their health. That 1- hour show has now turned into the largest 3 hour syndicated daily health talk radio show in America reaching close to 3.5 million listeners every week. In additional to his phenomenal growth, Dr Asa has recently been named as one of the top 100 radio show hosts in America. Then in 2014 Dr Asa Andrew launched a daily television show with close to 65 million viewers in over 300 markets to educate and inspire many with living a better lifestyle and giving them the practical tools to live an extraordinary life. That has lead to the current launching of the Dr Asa Network, an all digital and on demand health media company located in Florida to produce and develop original evidence-based content to educate, empower, and equip many to make better health care decisions for their lives.

Due to this growth of his involvement in health media, Dr Asa Andrew no longer sees patients and has moved from away from beingapractitioner to beinga teacher. He now focuses his efforts to full time educational media with his digital on demand network, syndicated radio show, TV shows, best-selling books, live events, and health coaching systems.

At the Asa Health Organization our priority is providing educational content and entertaining to encourage you to life a better lifestyle and to give you the hope that all things really are possible.