Stress Balance

  • Supports for Adrenal Hormone Synthesis
  • Supports for Adrenal Physiological Functions
  • Supports for Body’s Own Energy Production

Stress Balance supplies significant amounts of bioavailable nutrients needed to support healthy function of the adrenal gland. The nutrients in the formula aid in the body’s own production of energy by enhancing the synthesis of Coenzyme A.

Pantothenic Acid (as D-calcium pantothenate): Pantothenic acid, a B complex vitamin also known as B5 is an unstable oil; therefore its water-soluble salt, D-calcium pantothenate is mostly used in supplements. It is comprised of 91.5% pantothenic acid and 7.5% calcium. Among very many physiological functions, pantothenic acid is a precursor to the synthesis of Coenzyme A, is an essential cofactor for ATP production and is essential to the adrenal cortex for its production of anti-inflammatory glucocorticoids.

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5’phosphate and pyridoxine HCl): This B vitamin is present in part in the activated form in which it is mostly transported in the plasma. Among its numerous biological functions vitamin B6 affects the function of the adrenal glucocorticoid receptor, stimulates the secretion of adrenal catecholamines and aids in sodium and potassium balance.

Vitamin C (as magnesium ascorbate): The release of ACTH from the pituitary and the presence of a stressor(s) each deplete the relatively large amount of vitamin C typically stored in the adrenal cortex.[1] This vitamin is essential for the synthesis of epinephrine which is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress. Epinephrine in turn plays a role in the synthesis of adosterone that regulates blood pressure, volume and pH.

Folate (as folic acid and calcium folinate): This B vitamin is important for the building and repair of protein that may be destroyed by stress hormones. It is also key to the synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects mood, appetite and sleep (each often affected by stress). L- Carnitine (as tartrate): This conditionally essential nutrient derived from lysine is needed for the “Carnitine Shuttle”. It transports long-chain fatty acyl CoA from the outside to the inside of the mitochondria making it a key nutrient in the production of energy.

BioPerine®: This patented extract of black pepper (Piper nigra) has been shown to significantly enhance the availability of vitamin C and vitamin B6.[2]